The functions of GIS are not only answering the questions of “what” and “Where” but it answers many questions such as a car is moving on the road from point A to point B. It tells the location of car at both points, you can calculate distance between these points and you can also calculate the speed of car. If you are curious for more info about GIS functionalities, let’s have a look in detail about the Functions of GIS.

Functions of GIS:

GIS answers several questions which are mainly discussed below:

Main Functions of GIS

What is this……?

The general question asked about GIS is “What is this…?”.This question is asked for recognizing the things that are present on particular locations. Such things may be physical or man-made such as Natural Lake or Swinging Pool, Religious places or residential areas, playgrounds or agricultural fields etc.

Where it is located…?

Another major question is about the spatial existence of things. What exists at a particular location? It may be relative location or absolute location. Such as religious place is located at 13.3 degrees latitude and 22.1 degree S longitudes or religious place is located near the xyz residential areas.

How has it changed……..?

GIS is also used for trend making and trend checking phenomena. It is used to identify geographic occurrence or trends that have changed or are in the process of changing. Such as water bodies are shrinking and land masses have started to increase.

Which data are related……..?

Relationships are very important in life. Same is the case in GIS – it analyzes the spatial relationship between objects of geographic features and also non-geographic features such as expanding urbanization is minimizing the vegetative land and climatic changes also take part in decreasing vegetation land. So in this way several things are related with each other and are monitored with the help of GIS.

What if…….?

GIS is a flexible tool and it supports conditional statements. Multiple spatial data sets were utilized with the help weighted analysis and analytical hierarchy process (AHP). You can create different models to solve problems. Such as creating model for proposing suitable settlement sites in a particular area.

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How it impact….?

GIS is a good tool for predicting impact of different projects on surrounding with the help of geographic data. Such as China Pakistan Economics Corridor (CPEC) is a new project started in Pakistan by Chinese government. It is based on several things but the major one is highway networks that connect whole Pakistan to China. It also impacts the rare Black Deer lived in Sarban formation very badly because the migration route of this specie is blocked with the iron barriers.

How it will be…?

Future predictions are very important phenomena in daily life because they help in controlling the situations. GIS is an amazing tool that is ideal for predicting different phenomena with the help of real time satellite imagery. Such as GIS is used to predict the extent of forest fire in next couple of hours.

Who is the best …..?

GIS is used for business planning and site selections according to the market demands as well. It is used for choosing sites for super markets which are easily accessible to customers and also near the row materials.