GIS And Marketing – The World of Business and Marketing has changed or developed to a huge extent since the past decade. The old methods of marketing and attracting customers are no longer of use. Where the technology and Branding has evolved, the psyche of customers and consumers has also evolved.

With all this, Geographic Information System has created a place for itself in the World of Marketing. As GIS provides in-depth analysis and details, along with error-free assessment of situations and proper understanding of target market, it has proven to be of great help and a perfect partner for marketing. It uses Demographic, Behavioral, and Psychographic ways of Information gathering and applies them all collectively to find accurate customer segmentation values to compliment the growth of a company. Market values and customer statistics can be increased to a great degree using these GIS processes. Other than this, the location analysis and other location finding systems of GIS help in successful development and evolution of all aspects of a company.

GIS and Marketing – The Relationship

Since the start of digital age, the role of location in marketing has increased more and more. The Spatial component of marketing and advertisement has become a point of main concern for Businesses and company owners all over the World. People see different ads and colorful promotions everywhere and it has become very difficult for companies to produce content that would catch the eye of the customers and consumers. For this problem, GIS comes into the picture as a perfect solution.

With its Spatial Analysis tools and Spatial Visualization software, it helps companies create visual advertisements and target them and their services towards the right audience and thus providing better outcomes as a result.

The Use

GIS can not be subjected to any one specific stage of development of a Company. It can be equally helpful in all stages ranging from beginners level up to the level of executing and evaluating the proposed plans. GIS helps companies in:

  • Segmentation and Division of customers and consumers
  • Advertising in target areas and for target customers
  • Location based services
  • Personalize services as per customer’s demands
GIS And Marketing

GIS And Marketing

The Future Of GIS in Marketing

 Looking at the present conditions and how far and deeply GIS has immersed itself in the field of Marketing, one can easily predict that with the passage of time, this cooperation will only increase. The future of GIS in Marketing is bright and contains many opportunities. Growth and distribution of mobile GIS and spatial data visualization are the most highlighted aspects of this collaboration.

Where it is becoming common for GIS application functionality to be embedded with other types of software, the applications sharing of GIS is also becoming a trend. Although the complexity of Spatial data is to a large degree, it is the work of the analyst to narrow it down in such a way that it can convey the details in a simple and easily understandable form. Where we talk about GIS being a part of Marketing, there are certain key factors that  highlight the role of GIS in the field. Some of them are discussed below:

Key Factors Highlighting Use Of GIS in Digital Marketing

 When it comes to GIS, there are a vast number of opportunities that wait for you once you start taking help of it in your Business. Marketers and Web Developers working in fields where use of GIS is common, know the importance of it. Advertising agencies and Marketing departments of companies also make use of GIS for targeting the needed audience. Some of the key factors highlighting the importance of GIS in Marketing are discussed below:

Location Services and Online Presence

Apps that help users in knowing about different routes, lanes and areas do a great job in helping their customers know where they are, what’s near them, or what is the status of traffic in their or another specific area.  Other than this, online stores can share their opening and closing timings on their apps and this way it becomes easier for customers to get or buy stuff within time. This helps stores to get better customer reviews and also, more human traffic, as people often tend to trust more on stores who have an online presence and better reviews. Sites that upload items on their online stores also reach people through the services of GIS as Marketing agencies make use of geographic information systems and mapping to link user with his desired product through push notifications.

Introducing Maps and Spatial Services in Business

Keeping in mind the idea of simplicity and easy-to-understand techniques of marketing is really important while planning a Marketing Strategy. Introducing ideas and techniques that will help attract the right customer to the product can be a tricky job to do. In such cases, companies make use of GIS, as it can provide all the statistical data in no time. It can tell exactly where the target audience members reside in, their choices, their tastes, and the market values in different area. This way, companies can plan their strategies accordingly.

GIS And Marketing

GIS And Marketing

Letting people input their location and interests to provide them a better search experience is also done using GIS technology.

Customer Segmentation and Content Delivery

GIS help you in segmenting and dividing customers as per their location and interest so it can be easy to send them appropriate content according to their area and interest. Because, if the same content will be sent to every customer, you might end up making them stop getting notifications from your company.