Privacy Policy

Map Ever understands how important your Privacy is to you, and assures you that none of your Personal Information will be passed on to Any forum Unnecessarily. Your Data will be kept safe. We find it important to Provide You with full Understanding of How We use the Data we collect Online about You And your Company. For further queries and information, you can visit or Contact us at


Much of the Data we collect is General and is collected through customize field surveys Different online Services making use of GIS and Spatial data Collection systems. We collect information about Locations of Point of Interests (POI), and Locations of Organizations that aid your Business Model.
None of the above mentioned information is collected without Subjects’ consent.
Permission to Comment on the Website requires details such as Identity and Email Address and/or any optional information may be requested as well. This optional question may vary from time to time.
We collect the Information through GIS based systems and extract the necessary information as per client’s demands and needs. Our main services include Market Research, Spatial data Analysis, Traffic tracking, and POIs through which we help our Customers achieve their Business Goals.
We strive to Provide our Customers with the Best Services with a Friendly and Cooperative Behavior. The Final Search results are shared/ sent to the customers via email, in the form of Easily-readable Maps. A Few Questions may be Asked from the Customers By our Team along with the Final Result Documents, for the purpose of Our own Assessment, and making our Work and Services even better.
The Data we collect is stored in Our Database and We can Reuse it for future tasks. Map Ever has the Copyright to do that.


We keep our Customers’ information confidential and accurate, and strictly forbid our Employees to Pass-on any information to any Source whatsoever. All the Employees at Map Ever are required to sign agreements prohibiting them to disclose any confidential information about the Company or the Client.